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Possible when initial commissioning is before 1/04/2022*:

Extension of the warranty by 5 years within the first two years after purchasing the inverter.

Delivery time/days: Sofort via E-mail

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For the validation and price calculation please enter serial number, purchase date and select the desired extension:

Please check the serial number for numbers, letters (0 or O, I or L) and completeness.

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Email: shop-solar@kostal.com

The device is out of warranty period. A warranty extension is no longer possible.

The purchase date is incomplete or scheduled in the near future. Please correct.

Warranty extension for this serial number already exists.

Power class of the entered serial number for this warranty extension invalid.

Serial number incomplete.

Serial number incomplete.

A KOSTAL Smart Warranty has not yet been activated for this serial number. The free warranty must be created before purchasing a warranty extension. All you have to do is enter the system and location data for the solar system.

All information is complete.

C: Commissioning date(MM/DD/JJJJ)

Have you already activated the "KOSTAL Smart Warranty"? It is absolutely essential that you activate this before purchasing a warranty extension in order to obtain the full warranty for your inverter. More information here.

It is possible to extend the inverter’s existing warranty by 5 years within the first two years after purchase. If initial commissioning is carried out on or after 1. April 2022, the KOSTAL Smart Warranty plus applies to all inverters up to 20 kW, so it is not possible to purchase a chargeable 5-year warranty extension.

The statutory warranty is not affected by this warranty service.

Our services offered under the warranty include a rapid exchange service to ensure that your PV system is back up and running in no time. We will organize the collection of your defective device and we will also cover the freight costs incurred for this. Furthermore, we reimburse an exchange fixed sum for specialist companies. You can find our service and warranty conditions, including the applicable exchange fixed sums, in the download area on our homepage.

Please state the serial number of your inverter. This will be checked for plausibility. Should your inverter have been replaced at any time, the warranty completion date will be transferred to the serial number of the replacement. The warranty begins on the inverter’s commissioning date. You confirm this commissioning date with us by activating the warranty (Smart Warranty) in this online shop. At the request of KOSTAL, the proof of purchase or the commissioning report must be submitted as evidence. Should this not be available to you in the event of a claim, or if the date of commissioning specified by you is incorrect, we will have to reject the warranty extension retrospectively.

Delivery time/days: Sofort via E-mail
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Delivery time/days Sofort via E-mail
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